What's going to happen to your crypto when you die? The answer to this question has never been straightforward until now. Don't take your crypto to the grave.

What is Bequest?

Bequest lets your create a modular estate plan for your crypto without sharing your private key. You can learn more about the mechanisms and thinking behind the product in our intro paper.

Why Bequest?

We are multi-chain, non-custodial (you can keep using your assets as usual), decentralized, anonymous, and trustless.

How do I use Bequest?

Bequest is intuitive for both web3-natives and web3-noobs. That being said, these website has all the documentation you and your recipients will need to get your crypto inherited. Start by navigating to our web app.

What are the risks?

Bequest's contracts are audited and you can find breakdowns of our audits on our Medium. Our contracts are not upgradeable so our code cannot be modified and we have no way of interacting with your assets. Read more here.

Get Started

You are ready to create your Bequest will! Follow the guide below.